Australian Private Health Insurance Reform Bill Passed in Lower House

Millions of Australian will find their Private Health costing more from July 2012. By the narrowest of margins the Gillard Government won its long battle to …
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President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it….
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Health insurance: 5 companies for best private medical covers

Health insurance: 5 companies for best private medical covers
When it comes to healthcare needs of the individuals it is quality cover that has comprehensive features which matters and hence many people prefer the private health insurance companies to meet their requirements. However as inflation is being …
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States Urged to Expand Medicaid With Private Insurance
The idea of using “premium assistance” to buy private insurance for new Medicaid beneficiaries is a sharp departure from the 2010 health care law, in which Congress expanded Medicaid to cover the poorest Americans and assumed that people with higher …
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Rick Crawford Urges Arkansas to Reject Health Insurance Expansion Plan
LITTLE ROCK – Republican Congressman Rick Crawford is urging the Arkansas Legislature to reject a proposal to offer health insurance to thousands of low-income residents by purchasing private coverage using Medicaid dollars. The Republican lawmaker …
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Private Health Care Exchanges May be a Model for the Future

Private Health Care Exchanges May be a Model for the Future
Private exchanges could be the health care model of the future, now that the Affordable Care Act appears to be “the law of the land” following the re-election of President Obama, an employee benefits expert predicted Nov. 14. If competition is allowed …
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Private health insurance premiums to rise up to 0
Private health insurance premiums are set to lift by $ 150 a year, advocates warn. Source: Supplied. HEALTH insurance could be pushed out of reach for many people because funds are set to lift premiums by $ 150 a year, advocates warn. The rise is …
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Divorce Puts Women at Risk of Losing Health Insurance, Study Finds
16 (HealthDay News) — As if marriage break-ups aren't already difficult enough, each year in the United States about 115,000 women lose their private health insurance after a divorce, researchers say. Spanish ID: 670798. And women's overall insurance …
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OWS J29 “Murder by Spreadsheet: Private Health Insurance.”

New York, Jan.29–In Part 2 of the Healthcare for the 99% speakout under the Washington Square arch, Dr Steve Auerbach and others give a searing indictment of private health insurance embedded on Wall Street with statistics about their inefficiency relative to Medicare. They make the case for universal, single payer health care. Meetings of this working group are held on Sundays at 4pm at 60 Wall Street Atriu. Filmed by Squaring Off. See also Pt 1 of this post.

Role of private health insurance examined in health care debate

Role of private health insurance examined in health care debate
by Mark Schwerin KALAMAZOO–The national insurance program Medicare and the part private health insurance plays in it will come into sharper focus next month when a Stanford University researcher visits Western Michigan University. Dr. M. Kate Bundorf, …
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Who are the chronically costly? Health care's 1%
Most have private insurance, are white and female. They are the costliest 1% of patients in the US Caring for them accounts for more than 20% of what the nation spends on all of its health care. In contrast, the least costly half of all patients are …
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SA health insurance expenditure highest
Private health insurance in South Africa is estimated to contribute 42% to national expenditure, says the People's Health Movement. A tax on resources to be used to set up a sovereign wealth fund are among proposals in a discussion document released by …
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